Last Show: Longstone + Theo May + Mike Adcock + Cheltenham Improvisers Orchestra – Saturday 16th September – Skillicorne Gardens


Contemporary Music Concert featuring Longstone (electronics) + Theo May (violin) + Mike Adcock and the Cheltenham Improvisers Orchestra.


Longstone are an experimental, electronic music collective formed in 1996 in Cheltenham, England, coalescing around the core duo of Mike Ward and Mike Cross.


Theo May

Theo is a phenomenal new talent on violin, who has already performed with many of our leading improvisers such as Keith Tippett, Mark Sanders, Chris Cundy and a student of composition of Mark-Anthony Turnage.


Mike Adcock

Mike will be playing a solo piece for roof slates and stones and some tunes with his Roof Slate Ensemble and will be joined by the Cheltenham Improvisers Orchestra there may be some bamboo flutes involved.


Cheltenham Improvisers Orchestra

The C.I.O. are a 15 – 20 piece group using a broad range of acoustic and electronic instrumentation. We are currently looking for string players, brass players and electronic musicians willing to take part in large-scale experimental performances without musical notation.

Please note all performances will now take place in the Skillicorne Gardens.

Saturday 16th September, 7.00 – 10.30pm

All tickets Free! Email to reserve tickets.

Skillicorne Gardens, Imperial Square, Cheltenham, GL50 1QA

This event is in association with Cheltenham Trust.


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